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IceDesign GUI Designer

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IceDesign is a New and Modern GUI Designer for PureBasic (Windows)


  • DPI Aware. Except the form designer element which stays at 100% and which generates the same exact code for the controls positions/sizes.
  • IceDesign is available in English and French and ready to receive other languages in future
  • Choose IceDesign Background Color
  • Multi-Language support to help create multi-language apps at the design stage
  • Toolbar with icons and texts or only icons with their tooltips.
  • Create Gadget With the selection rectangle (Lasso), double clic or Drag'n Drop from the Gadgets list
  • Select a Gadget with Left Click or Lasso
  • Multiple Selection by lasso or with Ctrl+Left Click
  • Grouped movement and gouped resizing
  • Update properties with multiple selections or group
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Clone. Can be done between different levels
  • Group, UnGroup Gadget
  • Align to Left, Center, Right, Bottom, Middle, Top. 
  • Resize with Same Width, Height, Size
  • Equal space Horizontal, Vertical
  • Left Doucle Click or use the toolbar button to Open a Container (CanvasContainer, Container, Panel and ScrollArea). Up to 9 levels
  • Select directly a Child Gadget from a Container with Left Triple Click
  • Right Doucle Click or use the toolbar button to Close a Container and go back to the previous level
  • Grid, Grid size and Snap to Grid
  • Contextual menu according to the available options for the current item
  • Add a menu, toolbar or status bar is done via the context menu from the Window main level
  • Add a new tab or deleting the current tab is done via the context menu from the panel
  • Change the tab of a Panel to see its content without the need to open the Panel
  • Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to Move a Gadget
  • Shift + Up, Down, Left and Right to Resize a Gadget
  • Del Key to Delete the Selected Gadget or Container
  • Use Full or Short Names for Controls
  • Auto rename the Controls Name when the caption is changed
  • Anchor controls with left, center, right, top, middle and bottom lock when resizing the window
  • Proportional resizing option for controls when resizing the window. Resizing can also be adjusted following the choices: Proportional X, Y Width and Hight
  • BindGadgetEvent property to write event procedures in the created code
  • Add, minimum and maximum, width and height, window size in the window properties to be used with WindowBounds
  • Support for some Windows Controls Styles
  • Full Color Requester with saving custom colors in IceDesign.ini
  • Display an image in background and adjust its transparency
  • Save, Save As or Open IceDesign Form GUI
  • Import IceDesign Form GUI to load templates into the current design
  • The created code is generated and displayed in real time. Note that the code is not generated when the splitter is at the bottom.
  • Preview from the generated and compiled source. Use the Esc key or click on the main window to close the preview
  • Create the code with multiple options: Copy to Clipboard, Save and open in a new Tab, Save the code As
  • Option to, use AppQuit Variable to Exit the Event-Loop, ex: "Repeat : AppQuit = #True : Until AppQuit" or "Repeat : Break : ForEver"
  • Bind All Event in an IncludeFile to get 2 source files. One with the Main code and the Window Form and the other with All the Event Procedures
  • For the code creation, choose between using constants or variables with Prefix and suffix for the variables name
  • Add the Window name to Variables or Constants name
  • Load or Catch Images
  • Hexa or RGB for the colors
  • Define the indentation between a number of spaces or Tab
  • Include or not Gadget item examples
  • Include the event loop or the minimum required to run it
  • The title block can be customized in IceDesign.ini file
  • Run IceDesign with DPI_Unaware parameter to create a new exe: IceDesign_DPI_Unaware.exe. It will use the automatic resizing of windows based on your scale factor setting, if you prefered.
  • Load IcedDesign with a GUI form passed as a parameter (ex: IceDesign Template.icef)
  • PBForm2IceDesign tool: Export an interface from a Purebasic source code (*.pbf, .pb) and convert it to IceDesign format (.icef)
  • .....
    If you wish to donate more, it is possible on my Paypal donation page
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IceDesign GUI Designer v2.0.7 LifeTime User-Based Licence

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IceDesign GUI Designer

34 ratings
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